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Offering the greater Shreveport and Bossier City area professional, power wash cleaning of all trash cans and trash bins. We clean, disinfect and deodorize your trash receptacles. We can also set up a monthly schedule to insure your cans and bins stay clean and as sanitary as possible.

We not only help take away the smell and eyesore of an unclean trash can, but we help protect you and your family, as unclean cans can be a festering ground for germs and disease.

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We power wash and scrub your trash cans clean!


We disinfect your trash cans, killing bacteria and germs!


We leave your trash can sanitized and oder free.

No Mess

We leave no mess behind. Tidy can, tidy yard.


$7.99/Bi-weekly with yearly contract (+$7 for additional bin)

$10.00/monthly with yearly contract (+$7 for additional bin)

$15.00/monthly with 6 month contract (+$7 for additional bin)

$20.00 single cleaning

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